Menorca Car Hire 2018

Menorca Car Hire offers you a quality service in Menorca.You can be assured that your vehicle will be waiting for you at Mahon airport. We recommend that you book your vehicle early especially in high season when vehicles sell out.

Our site offers you a fleet of vehicles in Menorca which adapts to all your needs, from compact cars which will make your trips easy around town, to people-carriers with up to 9 seats which will take you to every corner of the island, with all the family.

Menorca Car Hire

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Car Hire from £13 per day


Minorca (Menorca both in Catalan and Spanish and increasingly in English usage; from Latin Balearis Minor, later Minorica "minor island") is one of the Balearic Islands (Illes Balears Catalan official name, Islas Baleares in Spanish), located in the Mediterranean Sea, and belonging to Spain. It takes its name from being smaller than nearby island of Majorca. It was called Nura by the Phoenicians in honoring their god Baal, meaning the "island of fire". Minorca has a population of approximately 82,000. It is located around 39°47' to 40°00'N, 3°52' to 4°24'E. Its highest point, called Monte Toro, is 358 m/1174 ft above sea level. The island has a large collection of megalithic stone monuments: navetes, taules, and talaiots.